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About Melissa


Plant-Based Diets

Pre-Diabetes Coaching

Healthy cooking

Nutrition for Mental Health

My Story

Welcome to my website! A little about me… I am originally from St. Louis, Missouri, where I spent much of my life. However, I also lived in Florida for five years, which offered new experiences and opportunities to widen my horizons. Feeling called to the West Coast for several years, I took notice of National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) through a friend’s post on Facebook. After looking at several schools, I moved to Portland, Oregon, in August 2016 to pursue a Masters of Nutrition at NUNM.


Most of my career has been spent working with children and adolescents (and their parents), in residential, hospital, and school settings. In my free time, I developed an interest in cooking and later nutrition. As I spent more time reading books by T. Colin Campbell and watching videos of Janice Stanger, I realized I wanted to create a more holistic service, uniting mental health and education with nutrition and lifestyle enhancement.

Another passion of mine is music and radio. I had the opportunity to have my own radio show starting in 2013 at the college radio station at the university I completed my school psychology degree. At the time, I was working as a school psychologist in a clinic on campus. Near the end of 2014, I started to plan for a talk show that aired in February 2015. This allowed me to further combine my passion for radio with nutrition, animal activism, and social justice. The show offered a platform to spread the word about various prominent issues through a live format that broadcasted into the university’s student center and through archives posted on a website. I plan to restart a new version of this show after graduation. Go to the blog if you would like to listen the show.

I currently live with my elementary school aged son, and the neighbor’s 15-year-old cat, Pierre, who came to live with us because he was afraid of the dog in his home. Both boys are affectionate and I’m lucky to share my life with them.